At Food and Table, you will enjoy an intimate and immersive dining style where the chef prepares 12 or more courses for you to enjoy over the two hour reservation. Each evening offers a unique, handcrafted selection of pairings for you to savor. To add to the experience, each table is an original, custom built Forrest Design Company table. Our space is designed to create an inviting, yet intimate dining experience that you will never forget.

RJ Moore, Food and Table Owner and Chef

Meet our chef and founder, RJ Moore

A California native born to a Filipino mother and Cajun-born military father, I was raised around food made with love and mealtimes that consisted of food from every corner of the Earth. I had my first taste of sushi at the young age of two and knew by 15 I wanted to be a chef. Following high school, I attended Texas Culinary Academy, a Le Cordon Bleu program in Austin, and graduated in 2004. Later this experience would lead me all over, from a Zagat 4-star rated fine dining restaurant in Park City, Utah, to high end sushi in San Diego and Big Sur, California and finally to opening my own business endeavor in the great state of Texas. The experience I offer is an Omakase meal, a traditional Japanese dining style comparable to Western style tasting menu. Each bite draws on the vast culinary experiences throughout my life from traveling around the world. My goal and vision is to connect people with their food and the people around them in the comfort of their own home, Food and Table, or their preferred setting. Whether it be in Texas, the West or East coast, let me show you my Omakase experience.

Make a Reservation
12 Course Dinner
Each dinner will last between 1.5 to 2 hours and it is a minimum of 12 courses with the final course always being dessert.
Omakase Experience
Omakase is a Japanesse term that means, “I leave it in the hands of the chef.” This dining experience is designed to offer you the opportunity to try a wide variety of handcrafted flavors.
Always Unique
Each dinner reservation is unique and will never be the same as the previous dinner. This allows for you to have a new experience every time.
Enjoyable for Everyone
This experience is designed to be enjoyed with family and friends, a significant other, or it will give you the opportunity to make new friends.